Undergraduate Elective Presentations

Thursday, 17 May 2018

Medico-Chirurgical Hall

Joint Event with University of Aberdeen Medical Society

All are welcome to hear short presentations by students who received the society's elective bursaries. On the night, the audience will decide the winner of the Adam Quaich.


For the second consecutive year, the Electives Evening was held prior to graduation and achieved the desired aim of having all bursary holders in town and competing for the Adam Quaich. Although all six named travel bursaries had originally been awarded, one student had a change of plans to a UK-based elective and the award was returned to the Society.

The original intention had been to hold the event in the Suttie Lecture Theatre but this was booked for another event and, on reflection on last year’s limited turn-out, it was considered reasonable to hold the event in the Med Chi Hall (with its capacity of around 25). Once again, the turnout on a very pleasant late spring evening was disappointing and easily accommodated in the Hall. Although only 27 votes were cast in the competition for the quaich, this was 40% up on last year’s number of votes cast.

Dr Thomas, Council Member and Electives Convener welcomed the audience and chaired the meeting. The standard of material being presented was high and the broad range of topics made for a very interesting and educational evening. It was of note that few of the originally intended studies had proved feasible but the students had been resourceful in modifying their respective projects as necessary in order to complete a piece of work in the limited time available. The presentations, delivered were as follows:

Mr Kane Lennie

‘Dr Mary Esslemont’

“Analysis of Obstetric Anal Sphincter Injuries in Cape Town, South Africa.”


Miss Eimear McClenaghan

‘Sir Ashley MacIntosh’

Acomparison of surgical admissions between the UK and the Philippines.


Mr Eoin O’Doherty

‘Prof Hans Kosterlitz’

The mental health of people living with HIV in the Asia-Pacific Region.”


Mr Aidan Matthews

‘Sir James McGrigor’

Audit of a Kangaroo Mothercare Ward in teaching hospital in the Gambia”


Mr Tom Walker

‘Prof John Mallard’

“A study of variceal bleeding across continents: Europe and Africa ”


Each of the competitors gave their presentation and dealt successfully with a range of questions from the audience. At the end of the last presentation, voting slips were issued to audience members who had been instructed to make a single mark opposite their preferred candidate for the award. While the votes were being counted, Dr Thomas gave a brief presentation of some data relating to recent elective practices and study destinations.

The President awarding the Adam Quaich to Tom Walker

The voting returns for the Adam Quaich competition showed that while each of the candidates was someone’s choice of winner, Mr Tom Walker received most votes by a clear margin. The result was announced by the Honorary Secretary and the President congratulated all competitors on their excellent work and illustrated talks before presenting Mr Walker with the Quaich. The winner was advised that he will receive an engraved, smaller replica of the Quaich to keep, in due course.

The company was reminded of the Society’s Annual General Meeting and Presidential Address on 7th June and the meeting was adjourned.


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