Heritage Exhibition 2018

Wednesday, 07 November 2018

Suttie Centre & Woodend Hospital

Exhibition of Medical and Nursing Services in World War 1

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Wednesday 7 November - Saturday 10 November

The display was shown in Woodend Hospital, the Suttie Centre, Foresterhill and in John Lewis, George Street


The Exhibition included posters on:


  • This exhibition has been prepared as a tribute to the work of medical and nursing staff during and after World War 1.
  • In 1917 the 1st Scottish General Hospital in Aberdeen, was a centre specialising in the surgical treatment and rehabilitation of soldiers.
  • Nurses who had volunteered to receive additional training in military nursing cared for and comforted the wounded.
  • The hospital at Woodend had a gymnasium as well as hydrotherapy and electrotherapy facilities.
  • These therapies were the forerunner of physiotherapy services.
  • There were also workshops - to provide occupational therapy.
  • The focus was on vocational rehabilitation for soldiers with continuing disability.
  • Examples of their art work and Photographs from our Society’s unique archive were on display.

The exhibition is appropriate for secondary school age children (as well as adults).


The exhibition was well attended by staff, students and members of the public. It showed advances to trauma management made during World War I and paid tribute to the contribution by staff at the 1st Scottish General Hospital in Aberdeen (now Woodend Hospital).

The days on the John Lewis link bridge were particularly successful with many members of the public showing much interest in the exhibition. Some visitors shared person memories of familiy members. The society is grateful to the John Lewis staff for their assistance.


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