Annual Business Meeting and President's Address

Thursday, 05 June 2014

Medico-Chirurgical Hall

Dr Colin M Hunter - Music and Verse for a Summer Evening


Minute of AGM 5th June 2014

The minute of the AGM held on 6th June 2013 was approved as being an accurate minute.



Annual Report of Council.  This had been previously circulated. Dr Morrison spoke to his report, drawing particular attention to the continuing fall in membership with 28 fewer than at the last AGM.  As part of Council's plans to address this issue, there was to be a motion to reduce the annual subscription to £60 per year for full members.  Dr Morrison stated that that would result in £14,000 less income, assuming static membership numbers, but about £4,000 of that would be offset by proposed changes to the charities.  He thought that the remaining shortfall could be accommodated by cash reserves without dipping into investments, but only for one year, so additional members were vital.

Dr Morrison then spoke about the charities.  There are 6 small charities and apart from the annual Strachan Bursary, they have not been used for many years.  The Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator has granted approval for the Society to close the 4 restricted funds and spend the capital.  There are 2 unrestricted funds - the Widows' Fund and the Benevolent Fund and there was to be a motion seeking the meeting's approval to do likewise with these funds.


Heritage Report and Librarian's Report.  This had been previously circulated.  Dr Grieve spoke to these reports.  There have been frequent queries from students and others wishing information from our records.  Dr Hinton, the librarian, deals with these requests and changes the various displays in the Suttie Centre and the Med Chi foyer on a regular basis.  Dr Duffus has started a 'History of General Practice' project.


Treasurer's Report.  In the absence of Dr Duffus, Honorary Treasurer, Dr Morrison spoke to the draft accounts which had been tabled.  They showed a surplus for the year of about £5,000, which should help to cushion the affect of reduced subscription income. 

The meeting approved a motion to delegate acceptance of the accounts to Council once the final accounts were received.


Buildings Officer's Report.  Dr Duncan was not present but his report had been previously circulated.  He drew attention to new windows and doors which had been fitted by the University.  The University were also planning to redecorate the Hall and renew the sound system in preparation for taking it over in 2017. 


Education Activities.  A report on these activities had been included in the Report of Council.  Dr Hunter spoke to the report.  Activities had been supported by the transfer of £80,000 from the Post Graduate Education department.  Activities included Clinical Update sessions and a 'Connect' initiative based on previous very successful GP/consultant workshops.



a)  To agree that the annual subscriptions for 2014-2015 will be £60 with concessionary subscriptions of £36 for retired members and £45 for those paying standard rate tax.    The motion was proposed by Dr John Scott, seconded by Dr Campbell Murray and was carried unanimously.


b)  To authorise the trustees of the charities to spend the capital and close the Ordinary Widows Fund and the Benevolent Fund.  The motion was proposed by Dr Melvin Morrison, seconded by Dr Hilary Hinton and was carried unanimously.



The following members were elected to Council for 2014-2015

Duffus, Dr P (Hon. Treasurer)
Duncan, Dr S H W (
Buildings Officer)
Galloway, Dr D B
Gibson, Dr H
Greaves, Professor M (
Grieve, Dr J H K (
Convenor Heritage Group)
Hamilton, Dr M P R (
President Elect)
Hinton, Dr H (
Hon. Librarian, Heritage Group)
Hunter, Dr C (
Past President)
Lawton, Dr K
McHardy, Dr K
Morrison, Dr W M (
Hon. Secretary, Social /Heritage Group Secretary)
Ritchie, Professor Sir  L D
Scott, Dr C J (
Heritage Group)
Thomas, Dr A D (
White, Dr Marion I (
Heritage Group)
Youngson, Professor G G



Dr Morrison proposed Dr Mark Hamilton who was warmly welcomed by members.



The first recipient of the Society's President's Medal was Professor John Mallard.

Professor Sir Lewis Ritchie delivered an oration detailing Professor Mallard's career and achievements, in particular his development of 'spin warp' which enabled newly developed MRI scanners to be used for patient scanning.  Professor Mallard had received many awards and Professor Ritchie echoed many people's opinion when he said that he should have been one of the recipients of the Nobel Prize for the development of MRI scanning.

Professor Mallard thanked the Society for the medal.



A social evening had been held earlier in the year at which various doctors and students had performed short 'part pieces'.  It had been organised by Dr Mark Hamilton and had raised over £2,000 which was divided between three charities.  The President presented cheques to Sandra Stephen and Fiona Donald representing SANDS; Sophy Green on behalf of Instant Neighbour and Fiona Roberts from Alzheimer Scotland.


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