Undergraduate Elective Presentations

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Medico-Chirurgical Hall

Joint meeting with Aberdeen University Medical Society


The Society met on 17th October 2013 in the Society Hall, Foresterhill. The President, Dr Ken McHardy presided.

The President, Dr Colin Hunter, presided. This was a combined meeting with Aberdeen Medical Society and the hall was filled to capacity. There was also a video link to students in Inverness. There were three presenters all of whom had been awarded a bursary by the Society to support their elective during 2012-13.

Dr Matthew Stevenson had travelled from Crosshouse in Ayrshire to give his presentation on Racial Disparity in the Surgical Care of Children of New Zealand. The study had looked at various aspects of inguinal hernia repair and made comparisons between the care received by Maoris and that by Europeans. He had found that Maoris were dealt with later. He discussed various possible causes for this disparity.

Dr Jared Wohigemut travelled from Liverpool for the meeting. His talked about Demographic and Geographical Characteristics of Paediatric Trauma in Scotland. This had not been the subject of his elective which had been undertaken in the John Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, USA. That study is still being written up so was not ready for presentation. His did, however, talk about his time in America. As for the subject of his talk, he had performed a retrospective analysis of Scottish Ambulance Service data which had showed that most such incidents came from urban areas, that most casualties were taken to hospitals without specific paediatric trauma units and that the child's physiological status did not influence where he/she was taken.

Dr Karen Mactier travelled from Newcastle to deliver her talk on A Retrospective Audit of Prescribing Practice in Outpatient Diabetic Clinics in CMC Vellore, India. She said that type 2 diabetes mellitus was common in India because of genetics and the emerging economy causing diet changes. Health care costs are high. She had audited records from 202 patients retrospectively and a similar number prospectively. She presented her results along with comparisons to Scottish data.

Those present then voted and the votes from Inverness were telephoned in. The clear winner was Dr Mactier who was presented with the Adam Quaich

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