People of the Society

On the walls of buildings throughout Aberdeen are plaques commemorating people who in a variety of ways have contributed to the public good. Thirteen commemorate doctors who remind us of Aberdeen's contribution to medicine over the centuries.

Also worth remembering are the many Aberdeen doctors whose achievements are not commemorated by a plaque:

James Cumyne

James Cumyne in 1497 became the first Professor of Medicine in the English speaking world.

Peter Shepherd

A military surgeon who introduced the concept of civilian first aid.

James Cantlie

With Patrick Manson founded the speciality of tropical medicine.

Matthew Hay

Medical Officer of Health who brought clinical services, teaching and research together on the Foresterhill site.

Mike Tunstall

An Aberdeen anaesthetist who "invented" Entonox, the gas and air mixture that has safely eased the pain of childbirth for millions.

John Mallard

Professor of Medical Physics who invented the MRI scanner.


525 Alumni

In 2020, the University of Aberdeen highlighted the achievements of 525 of their most outstanding alumni from throughout their history.

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