Prof William Bulloch

19 August 1868 – 11 February 1941

Professor of Bacteriology, London University

Educated at Old Aberdeen Grammar School and King's College, Aberdeen, graduating MB CM (1890) and MD (Hons) in 1894. He initially worked as a GP (1890-91) but returned to the Department of Pathology, to work under David James Hamilton in 1891. He carried out further training in Leipzig (1892) and  Vienna (1894).

Moving to London, he became assistant to David Ferrier in the neuropathology laboratoty at Kings College (1894), followed by an assistant to Victor Horsley at UCH. He studied in Paris and Copenhagen.

Returning to the UK in 1895, he became Bacteriologist-in-Charge of the serum laboratories of the British Institute of Preventive Medicine at Sudbury, where he worked on diphtheria antitoxin.

In 1897, he was appointed as lecturer in Bacteriology at the London Hospital (1897 and subsequently Goldsmith's Professor of Bacteriology in the University of London (1917). He developed the Bulloch Jar used to culture anaerobic organismsuntil retirement in 1934.

He was an original member of the Medical Research Council and author or co-author of over 100 publications.

Author or co-author of over 100 publications with many contributions to Bacteriology. Published The History of Bacteriology (1938).

1901 Dobell Lecturer of Royal College of Physicians
1922 Tyndall Lecturer of the Royal Institution

FRS (1913)

Obituary: Royal Society (01 December 1941; pp 819-852)

image: Royal Academy Pictures and Sculpture 1914 Cassell and Co.

Biography prepared from the nomination made by Dr M Williams to the University of Aberdeen 525 Alumni project.