President's Programme 2019-20

Posted on 13th June 2019


3 Oct 2019

Brigadier Robin Simpson,
Defence Dean, Birmingham

Postgraduate training

7 Nov 2019

Prof Roy Robertson,
Prof of Addiction Medicine, Edinburgh

Substance misuse

5 Dec 2019

Prof Jen Cleland.
Prof of Medical Education, Aberdeen

Career choices

9 Jan 2020

Prof Bruce Guthrie,
Prof of General Practice, Edinburgh


6 Feb 2020

Ms Joan Ingram.
Patient/journalist, Aberdeen

Patient’s role in NHS

5 March 2020

Prof Sir Lewis Ritchie,
Prof of General Practice, Aberdeen

Troubleshooting for NHS Scotland

2 April 2020

Prof Blair Smith,
Prof of Population Health Science, Dundee


7 May 2020

Prof Clare Gerada,
Professor of General Practice, London

Doctors’ health

4 June 2020

Dr Bill Reith,

Presidential address


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Heritage Exhibition 2018

Posted on 1st November 2018

There will be an Exhibition of Medical and Nursing Services in World War 1 between Wednesday 7 November and Saturday 10 November.

More details including locations

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History of Primary Care

Posted on 28th May 2014

"Times they are a Changing" said Bob Dylan, and if you remember that song you must be of a certain age.

Medicine and your Medical Practice have changed a lot in our lifetime and memories of these changes will quickly fade. As well as your own memories you will have heard stories from older senior partners and patients about your Practice in the past.

The Med Chi would like to try and record these memories for the future before they are lost for ever.

There are many ways how the history may be recorded.

* Written recollections; * Recorded interviews; * Photographs and copies of Practice documents; * Books and articles written by your predecessors and colleagues.

Stuart Duncan and Peter Duffus would like to invite you to a meeting at a suitable time to discuss how we might take the project forward.

If you have an interest in recording the History of your Practice, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. \n and we will then arrange a meeting at a suitable time.

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