The 2023-24 President's Programme starts in October, to be held in Suttie Building

5 October Is It Bunk, or Vital to Remember? Professor John Forsythe
2 November The Man Who Knew Everything Professor Ehsan Masood
18 November Annual Founders’ Commemorative Dinner  
7 December Pro-Rich Bias and Gender Inequalities Professor Allyson Pollock
11 January International Medical Societies Dr Colin Mumford
26 January Annual Burns Supper  
1 February The Medic and Charity Professor Syed Iftikhar
15 February President’s Medal Lecture – 2023/2024 Professor Philip Hannaford
7 March 21st Century Medical Masqueraders Professor Neil Basu
13 March Professor Jim Petrie Annual Lecture Professor Tom MacDonald
4 April Was It All A Dream? Professor Jonathan Bennett
2 May Scottish Steel and Irish Fire Dr Liam Plant
11 May Famous for Five Minutes Charity Event  
6 June Annual General Meeting & Presidential Address Dr Izhar Khan