International Medical Societies

Thursday, 11 January 2024

Room 402, Suttie Centre


11 January 2024

Dr Colin Mumford, Consultant Neurologist & Honorary Senior Lecturer in Neurology, University of Edinburgh.

Dr Colin Mumford hails originally from Liverpool, but received his undergraduate medical training in Nottingham. He then specialised in Neurology and did postgraduate training in Newcastle, Derby, Cambridge, and the National Hospital for Neurology, Queen Square, London, before moving to his consultant post in the Edinburgh teaching hospitals in 1996. Outside of medical work, Dr Mumford enjoys classical music, playing piano, flute and harp. He is also an enthusiastic motorcyclist and Munro bagger!

His talk will address the positive, and potential negative, aspects of being part of an international medical group. He will discuss the excellent opportunities such organisations give for understanding how familiar medical conditions are dealt with in other countries, for gaining an insight into undergraduate and postgraduate education in those territories, and also for improving language skills.



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